PROJECT -  Website Redesign
GOAL - Create a simple, clear and engaging customer journey
CLIENT - Sydney Based Italian Restaurant - Food & Beverage Industry
MY ROLE - User Research; Information Architecture; UI Design
TOOLS - ​​​​​​​Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 

Italian restaurant opened not long after 2020 Pandemic occurred. Its website needs to be redesigned to better connect with the audience, including building a more intuitive information architecture and developing a coherent visual language.
User testing the current website revealed the following pain points:
1. Complicated Customer Journey Map (CJM) due to the use of Web Templates
2. Poor Information architecture
3. Ambiguous site navigation

Original Website

LANDING PAGE  As best said by Will Rogers "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".
With that in mind and considering modern days' time-poor users, major components of this website are made available to the user in a brief and carefully organized manner at the start.
MENU being available across multiple pages in the original design creates confusion instead of speeding up access. Poor and inconsistent data presentation also adds to users' pain points according to my research. 
Decided to keep the "Dine-In" and "Take Away" menus in one page. To allow alternating between two categories quickly and smoothly once one menu is selected a link to access the other will appear at the bottom corner.
Visual techniques used here are:   popping text at the mouse-hover to indicate text is clickable,  background images to separate menu types,   meal types presented diagonally mimics the order in which they are normally served at the restaurants,   the bouncing arrow at the bottom of each menu indicates the page is scrollable.
RESERVE A TABLE after the menu is the most important feature of the website and can heavily affect user's experience. The full focus here was to create an interactive calendar that reflects user's selections and provides visual feedback in each step. 
CONTACTS A simple animated map delivers the location and distance to public transport
PROJECT constraints:
This restaurant opened in the middle of 2020 Pandemic therefore it would be fair to assume "budget" be one of the major constraints, hence the emphasis was to keep the design as close to the original. 
Quick and easy access to the information and providing visual feedback while interacting with the website.
An Online Order feature is an excellent addition to this website although it will introduce extra cost on the business, such as enough staff to prepare and pack the orders and arrange the pick ups, the e-commerce feature will impose operating costs. The other challenging decision would be to offer a delivery or team-up with major delivery companies.

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